Brian Wood’s BIO

I’m that mellow, friendly but kinda quiet guy who loves to learn all things tech — and so, 15 years ago, when I made my first stab at creating web sites, soaking my brain in what was then the newest, most cutting edge version of HTML — I was hooked.

And once I got into this world, things kind of just kept coming to me, so I became an Adobe Certified Instructor, and have spent all these years training designers, marketing pros, business owners, front end developers, really anyone who wants to create awesome, professional print design, web sites, and content — all over the country.

It’s a great group of people to work with, kind of that right-brain left-brain mind meld, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to speak at many of the industry’s top events — like Adobe MAX, the How Interactive Design Conference, the Web Design Conference, the InDesign Conference, and a bunch more.

I also work with design and production teams at advertising agencies, design firms, plus a long list of diverse companies, including Adobe, Nordstrom, REI, Costco, Starbucks, HP, McGrawHill — the list goes on.

It’s really been — and continues to be — a great ride.

Example trainings I’ve given

For years I’ve had the good fortune to work with great clients from California to Washington, and beyond. From Acrobat forms and multimedia training to InDesign, Illustrator training, as well as CSS (web) and Dreamweaver web training.

I’ve provided highly effective, results-driven training to clients in multiple industries—retail, A/E, graphic design, advertising, legal, accounting, manufacturing, newspaper. Below are a few examples of the many clients I’ve had the privilege to work with. Here are a few training examples from over the years:

  • Client 1: The Designory (

    TRAINING PROJECT: When Adobe comes out with a new Creative Suite or, in the case recently, a Creative Cloud, the Long Beach branch of the Designory has called on me to get their team up to speed quickly.From learning what’s new in the major programs to tips and tricks for working smarter not harder in those same Adobe applications.

    I’ve helped them transition from CS4 to CS5, from CS5 to CS6 and from CS6 to CC.

  • Client 2: McGraw Hill

    TRAINING PROJECT: 1 was asked to deliver a day of custom Print to Web training at the client location.

  • Client 3: Starbucks

    TRAINING PROJECT: I’ve worked with several departments over the years, focusing on InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat, but it all started in 2004, when I trained one of their in-store merchandising teams in best practices for using Acrobat and PDF.

    The team manager was so pleased with the results of my training, she sent me this email:

    Client Quote:

    Having a class focused on my team’s specific needs was better than any training I have taken in the past 5 years… Taking this class has improved the file hand-off with our print vendor and is also helping us prepare to post our tools online. We all really had fun as well – what a bonus to be able to laugh and enjoy the 6 HOUR TRAINING. That hardly ever happens.
  • Client 4: Nordstrom

    TRAINING PROJECT: I’ve trained several departments at the corporate offices of this top-notch retailer every year in various Adobe software. I’ve facilitated several of their software transitions over the years, including moving from FreeHand to InDesign, QuarkXPress to InDesign, and transitioning to new versions of the entire Adobe Creative Suite for both web and print.

    They’re a great group, and it’s truly a pleasure every time they call me with a new training project!

  • Client 5: Portland Community College

    TRAINING PROJECT: These community college teachers in the Graphic Design Program brought me in when they needed to make a swift transition in their own teaching curricula to a new version of the Adobe Creative Suite.

    The training was such a success, the Chair of the Graphic Design Program sent me this email right after the training:

    Client Quote:

    We were very pleased with the customized approach you took with us. In teaching “Switching from Quark to InDesign” it required that you understood the level of Quark we were currently using and translate that easily into InDesign. What was truly useful were the times you said, “your students will get tripped up or confused by this concept. . .” giving us a warning about the pitfalls our own students would have. Knowing what we needed was extremely important. You were realistic about the InDesign shortcomings but enthusiastic about the benefits of the switch. This was different from any course in InDesign because there needed to be so much comparison between the two programs and sometimes with Photoshop and Illustrator. I just can’t say enough about how important the customized approach was. We got exactly what we needed.
  • Client 6: Costco

    TRAINING PROJECT: The team responsible for updating an existing intranet site for this Fortune 500 retailer called me when they were making the switch from Microsoft FrontPage to Microsoft Expression Web using CSS.

    In just three days, they not only learned how to edit their current site in Expression Web, they also learned how to rebuild the site’s existing pages, most of which were tables-based, using web standards-compliant CSS.

  • Client 7: Oregon State University

    TRAINING PROJECT: The Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University reached out to me in a panic, suddenly tasked with maintaining the departmental web site, but having few, if any, web skills. Their deadlines were tight, so we spent two days learning the basics of maintaining and updating their site using Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

    The results were optimal—they successfully updated the site on time, using the new skills I’d taught them!

Check out my client list by visiting my corporate training page.

Speaking gigs

In addition to training many clients across the country, Brian speaks regularly at national conferences, such as Adobe MAX, HOW Interactive, HOW Design Live conference, as well as events hosted by AIGA, GAG, STC, CASE and other industry organizations.

Here’s a sampling of the latest talks:

  • HOW Interactive: Designer/Developer Discord 11.13
  • AIGA Honolulu: Overview of Adobe Creative Cloud 10.13
  • AIGA Honolulu: Overview of Adobe DPS 9.13
  • Phoenix Design Week: 5 sessions 10.13
  • Salt Lake Design Week: 2 sessions 10.13
  • Berkely Pattern Design Guild: Adobe Muse 10.13
  • Adobe/Visual Media Alliance: Creative Cloud Overview 9.13
  • AIGA Phoenix: Intro to Adobe DPS 8.13
  • MacMall Webinar 8.13
  • Webinar PCMall: Overview of CC Teams 8.13


Over the years, I’ve authored 9 books on InDesign, Illustrator, Muse, and Adobe DPS.

Here is a sampling of books I’ve written recently:

Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training Brian Wood Adobe Graphics InDesign Web Training

  • Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book
  • Adobe Muse Classroom in a Book
  • Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite


Over the years, I have authored lots of articles for organizations like,, Developer Center, Adobe Inspire magazine, and others.

Here is a recent sampling of articles I have written: