I Can Help Your Team

I’ve spent all these years training designers, marketing pros, business owners, front end developers, really anyone who wants to create awesome, professional web and mobile sites and content — all over the country.

It’s a great group of people to work with, kind of that right-brain left-brain mind meld, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to speak at many of the industry’s top events — like Adobe MAX, the How Interactive Design Conference, the Web Design Conference, the InDesign Conference, and a bunch more.

I also work with large and small design and production teams at advertising agencies, design firms, plus a long list of diverse companies, including Adobe, Nordstrom, REI, Costco, Starbucks, HP, McGrawHill — the list goes on (see below).

Nordstrom, Inc.

Since 2006, I’ve trained several departments at the corporate offices of this top-notch retailer every year in various Adobe software. I’ve facilitated several of their software transitions over the years, including moving from FreeHand to InDesign, QuarkXPress to InDesign, transitioning to new versions of the entire Adobe Creative Suite for both web and print, and Intermediate/Advanced Photoshop.

Starbucks Coffee Company

I’ve worked with several departments over the years, focusing on InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat, but it all started in 2004, when I trained one of their in-store merchandising teams in best practices for using Acrobat and PDF.

The team manager was so pleased with the results of my training, she sent me this email:

Having a class focused on my team’s specific needs was better than any training I have taken in the past 5 years… Taking this class has improved the file hand-off with our print vendor and is also helping us prepare to post our tools online. We all really had fun as well – what a bonus to be able to laugh and enjoy the 6 HOUR TRAINING. That hardly ever happens.”

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Over the years, I’ve done quite a bit with Adobe Systems. It started when an employee took an Acrobat class of mine in 1998. I’ve worked as an Acrobat Specialist, given webinars, written Classroom in a Books, spoken to dozens of user groups, written articles, and much more.

Currently, I am writing the update to the Adobe Muse Classroom in a Book, recording a video series, and speaking at AIGA and InDesign user groups along the west coast.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brian on Adobe related events and workshops for the last three years. The response to his presentations from attendees is always glowing. He’s an engaging speaker — able to communicate complex ideas and concepts clearly and in an easy to understand way. He knocks it out of the park for every presentation he does, and he couldn’t be easier to work with.”

Elissa Dunn
Product Marketing Manager
Creative Cloud for Design

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (“REI”)

Early on in my training career, when I lived in Seattle, I did several trainings for REI, located in Washington State. These trainings covered working with PDF files in print production (color management, proofing, etc.) as well as working faster in Adobe InDesign.

MacMall and PC Mall, Inc.

Over the past several years, I’ve given dozens of webinars to clients of the MacMall and PCMall. Topics range from new programs and concepts to tips and tricks in all things Adobe. I’ve also appeared in several Los Angeles area retail store locations for in-store seminars.

The Integer Group

In 2011, I lead a group through web and mobile design best practices. Their team of designors was beginning to expand into mobile design from print and web design and needed some design best practices.

Aquatic Design Group

I was hired by Aquatic Design Group to help with the team transition from Microsoft Word to Adobe InDesign. The team was switching most of their marketing material over to Adobe InDesign and needed help in the transition.

The Designory

For two Adobe Creative Suite releases (the first being CS5), I’ve been called on by the team at the Designory to lead them through the new features of the Adobe Creative Suite products as they relate directly to their individual team needs.

Brian creates an enthusiastic learning environment and demonstrates a broad expertise across the Adobe product suite. He has a great way of teaching a complex idea in an approachable way. You might have seen the tool before–but Brian can explain *why* it is useful AND show you a bunch of cool tricks to make it even a necessary part of your toolbox.”

Jeffrey Schimsky


In 2011, I was hired by McGrawHill to lead their mostly print design team through web and mobile design bext practices. In a one day, six hour training session, with 50+ designers in the room, we covered topics including: workflow best practices, best video and image formats, best practices for design handoff to the developers, designing for different devices, and much more.

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

I worked along-side Adobe Systems, Inc. to provide pointed training on several products for several members of the HP marketing sales team. I also led online Adobe Flash trainings for a subset of that same team to teach the fundamentals of the program.

Cutter & Buck

Aside from sending employees to classes held at our Seattle-based training center, I’ve trained teams of Cutter & Buck designers in the latest that Adobe Illustrator has to offer. We explored plattern making, tips and tricks (as well as shortcuts), and also did a bit of dabbling in Adobe Photoshop.

Portland Community College

These community college teachers in the Graphic Design Program brought me in when they needed to make a swift transition in their own teaching curricula to a new version of the Adobe Creative Suite.

The training was such a success, the Chair of the Graphic Design Program sent me this email right after the training:

We were very pleased with the customized approach you took with us. In teaching “Switching from Quark to InDesign” it required that you understood the level of Quark we were currently using and translate that easily into InDesign. What was truly useful were the times you said, “your students will get tripped up or confused by this concept. . .” giving us a warning about the pitfalls our own students would have. Knowing what we needed was extremely important. You were realistic about the InDesign shortcomings but enthusiastic about the benefits of the switch. This was different from any course in InDesign because there needed to be so much comparison between the two programs and sometimes with Photoshop and Illustrator. I just can’t say enough about how important the customized approach was. We got exactly what we needed.”

Costco, Inc.

The team responsible for updating an existing intranet site for this Fortune 500 retailer called me when they were making the switch from Microsoft FrontPage to Microsoft Expression Web using CSS.

In just three days, they not only learned how to edit their current site in Expression Web, they also learned how to rebuild the site’s existing pages, most of which were tables-based, using web standards-compliant CSS.

A Few More clients…